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Say hello to the people who make OneCollab not just a technology service provider, but a trusted partner on your journey towards IT Excellence.

Our Leadership Team

Marcus Lubout

Partner & Director


Marc is an insightful and innovative technology change specialist, respected for his expertise in leading digital transformation, transforming system infrastructures, and developing cutting-edge solution designs and implementation strategies.

He is a recognised expert in leading projects to transition client business processes and service operations into Azure Cloud environments, deploying security measures to ensure data protection, prevent system penetrations, and mitigate technology related risks and building banking infrastructure from the ground up as technical lead and architect from legacy infrastructure to a digital bank.

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Claire Griffiths

Partner & Director


Experienced in IT Risk, Information Security Management, Operations and Continuous Improvement, Claire started her career in Local Government, before moving into Financial Services in 2008.

Over the past fifteen years, she has been working alongside Global Banks and Fund Businesses, where she’s been the visionary behind IT Risk and Security frameworks, the mastermind of InfoSec strategy and execution roadmaps, and the catalyst for transforming business processes.

Today, Claire stands as our Chief Operating Officer, orchestrating every facet of our business operations with passion and precision.


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Jaco Dreyer

Head of Technology


Jaco uses his fifteen+ years of experience in Infrastructure and Network Management to support and encourage those around him to have a passion for technology and harness its benefits to achieve success.

In his role, Jaco takes the reins of our technology choices, ensuring we recommend and use the best tools for our partners. Leading the Technology Team, he shapes the strategic direction of our infrastructure services, from design and construction to management and support, which form the bedrock of both internal and client systems.

Jaco’s expertise and multiple Microsoft certifications make him the go-to for all things tech.

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David Woolf

Head of IT Support


In charge of our entire service desk team, David is the driving force behind our customers’ day-to-day support. With a commitment to excellence, David ensures we have the best support professionals in the business.

David holds a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Financial Management from the University of South Africa, boasting an impressive average of 70%.

David’s ambition is to continue to develop and improve our services, making sure our clients receive a first-class support service.

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Tracy Weldrick

Marketing Manager


Tracy brings over a decade of marketing expertise and has completed the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Level 6 Diploma in Marketing. Her journey began in digital marketing, where she mastered data-driven insights to boost brand presence, refine strategies, and engage with audiences.

Tracy is the driving force behind our brand’s growth, tasked with developing strategies, enhancing website traffic, and shouting about all the cool things we do.

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Ollie Rayburn

Ollie Rayburn

Head of Client Solutions


Ollie brings a wealth of experience to OneCollab, having come from Apex Group, where he served as the Global Head of Digital Bank Onboarding, and the European Depositary Bank where he headed up the Onboarding & Account Management departments.

Ollie’s international experience, combined with confidence and results-driven personality positions him as a key asset to us as he focuses on driving OneCollab’s growth into broader markets. 

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Advisory Board

Matt Gorman

Matt Gorman



With extensive experience in financial services, Matt has operated at the C-suite level within banks, funds, and investment businesses throughout his career. His expertise spans digital transformation, technology, and multi-layered TOM design, delivering client-centric solutions and products.

As an Advisor at OneCollab, Matt brings his passion for innovation and extensive experience in leading change agendas, including core banking transformations, technology initiatives, and critical cyber security projects.

Stephen Reilly

Stephen Reilly



With extensive experience as a driven and accomplished business leader in the banking and financial services sector, Stephen specialises in developing and implementing business strategies focused on customer propositions, location strategy, information technology, and holistic risk management cultures.

Recognised for his adeptness in managing change and transformation within complex businesses, Stephen possesses a unique blend of leadership, strategy, stakeholder management, and risk expertise. As an Advisor at OneCollab, Stephen leverages his strategic focus to drive the organisation’s ongoing success and sustainable growth.

Our People

Colin Lubout

Colin Lubout

IT Consultant

Matt Thomasson - IT Consultant

Matt Thomasson

IT Consultant

Dominic Hare - Programme Management Consultant

Dominic Hare

Programme Management Consultant

Grace Parker - Product Management Consultant

Grace Parker

Product Management Consultant

Philip van Deventer - Security Engineer

Philip van Deventer

Security Engineer

Cobus Muller - Infrastructure Engineer

Cobus Muller

Infrastructure Engineer

Rochelle van der Toorn - Business Analyst

Rochelle van der Toorn

Business Analyst

Zachary Plagis - Business Analyst

Zachary Plagis

Business Analyst

Tiaan Herbst - Business Analyst

Tiaan Herbst

Business Analyst

Codi Jackson - Service Desk Analyst

Codi Jackson

Service Desk Analyst

Nicola Rawlins - Service Desk Analyst

Nicola Rawlins

Service Desk Analyst

Graham Saunders - Service Desk Analyst

Graham Saunders

Service Desk Analyst

Technical Capabilities

Cyber Security Specialists

Cyber Security

In today’s digital landscape, cyber threats are ever-present. Our team of cyber security specialists is dedicated to safeguarding your digital assets.

We employ cutting-edge technologies and best practices to defend against cyber threats, ensuring that your sensitive data remains secure. We continuously monitor and adapt to emerging threats, providing you with a robust defence against potential cyber attacks.

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IT Specialists: Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

A solid enterprise architecture is the foundation of a successful organisation. Our technical experts work closely with you to design robust enterprise architectures tailored to your specific needs.

We built our architectures to optimise efficiency and scalability, ensuring that your organisation has a strong foundation for growth. Whether you’re a start-up or an established enterprise, our solutions are designed to support your long-term success.

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IT Specialists: Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, digital transformation is not an option but a necessity. Our digital transformation strategies empower your business to embrace the digital era with confidence.

We work with you to identify areas where digitalisation can drive innovation and efficiency. Our technical experts are ready to tackle your toughest challenges head-on, helping you maximise business value and stay competitive.

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IT Specialists: Cloud Computing

Cloud Strategy & Integration

The cloud offers immense potential for businesses looking to enhance agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. We develop comprehensive cloud strategies tailored to your organisation’s unique needs.

Our goal is to unlock the full potential of cloud computing for your business. We seamlessly integrate cloud solutions into your existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition that maximises the benefits of the cloud.

IT Specialist: Networks

Network Design & Support

Reliable network connectivity is essential for modern businesses. Our network management specialists provide end-to-end solutions, from initial network planning to ongoing support.

We ensure high-performance network solutions that optimise data flow and connectivity. With our support, you can trust that your network will be a reliable foundation for your operations.

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IT Specialists: Migrations


Efficiently migrating systems and data is a critical task that requires careful planning and execution. We take care of the entire migration process, minimising downtime and disruptions to your business.

Our experts ensure a smooth transition to new platforms, whether you’re upgrading your software, moving to the cloud, or undergoing any other significant technology change.

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IT Specialists: Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a powerful suite of tools for productivity and collaboration. We provide comprehensive support and customisation services to help your business maximise the benefits of Microsoft 365.

From configuring and maintaining your email and productivity tools to developing custom solutions to meet your specific needs, we ensure that Microsoft 365 is a valuable asset for your business.

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IT Support Specialists

IT Support

Prompt and effective IT support is essential for minimising disruptions to your business operations. Our dedicated IT support specialists are always available to assist you.

Whether you’re facing technical issues, need software updates, or require assistance with hardware problems, our team is ready to provide the support you need. We understand that time is money, and our goal is to keep your business running smoothly.

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